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Dingbian Wochi 100 MW parity photovoltaic power generation project environmental acceptance survey report

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2023-04-18 10:25 Number of readings:

沃驰The 100MW affordable photovoltaic power generation project is located in Dongtan Village, Yanchangpu Town, Dingbian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province。This project is to build a new 110kv booster station with a main transformer capacity of 1*100MVA. The 110kV single bus connection and 110kv transmission line start from Dingbian Wochi 110kv booster station and end from Xuanjing 330kv booster station. The total length of the line is 27.95km, enter the announcement well 330kv booster station inbound section adopts 0.5km of buried cable。The project will start construction in March 2021 and be completed in August 2022。
      On April 8, 2023, Dingbian County Wochi New Energy Co., Ltd. organized the environmental protection acceptance meeting of Dingbian County Wochi New Energy Co., LTD. Dingbian Wochi 100 MW affordable photovoltaic power generation project completion。The acceptance team shall conduct acceptance inspection of the project in strict accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, technical guidelines/norms for environmental protection acceptance of construction projects upon completion, project environmental impact report form and EIA approval,After careful discussion and review, it is considered that the project has fulfilled the relevant environmental protection procedures,In the construction, the pollution prevention and control and ecological protection and restoration measures proposed by the EIA and the approval have been implemented,In accordance with the "Interim Management Measures for Environmental Protection of Construction projects", the acceptance of unqualified circumstances,Check the items one by one,No nonconformities are considered,The acceptance group agrees that the project has passed the completion environmental protection acceptance。
      Now the project environmental protection completion acceptance investigation report form is publicized, publicity period20 working days。

Environmental protection acceptance survey report for the completion of Dingbian Volchi 100MW photovoltaic project