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Ecological company to carry out discipline education learning month activities

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2022-09-07 09:30 Number of readings:

       Since the launch of the provincial discipline education and learning publicity Month activities, the Party branch of the ecological company has attached great importance to the rapid implementation, careful deployment, overall arrangements, and solidly carried out various activities。

Collective learning goes into the head and the heart。8月15日,十大网堵平台党支部召开专题会议,重点围绕习近平总书记关于全面从严治党、Party conduct and clean government建设、纪律建设、廉洁文化建设的重要论述和党章党纪等内容开展集体学习,进一步增强纪律意识,强化纪律刚性约束。
Party discipline tests should be strict and strict。In order to consolidate and test the learning effect, in accordance with the requirements of the "Provincial Discipline education, learning and publicity Month Party rules and Party discipline knowledge test", the Party branch of the ecological company organized all Party members and cadres to participate in the test, and the test pass rate was 100%。This test to promote learning, to test learning, to test to promote integrity, urge all Party members and cadres to further bear in mind the Party rules and Party discipline, enhance compliance, discipline, law-abiding ideological consciousness and action consciousness, improve the ability to resist corruption and change, and ensure that the Party discipline and regulations are truly internalized in the heart and externalized in the line。
Warning education speaks loudly。The Party branch of the ecological company has always put the warning education throughout the whole process of the activity,Organize all party members and cadres to watch the warning educational film "Financial Anti-corruption Zhengfengji",Use "Things around" to alert "People around",Remind everyone to keep a clear head at all times,Strictly observe Party discipline and state law,Build a strong ideological dam,Really make the alarm bell ring,Take precautions。
Organizing your life will work。From 26 to 31 August,The party groups closely adhere to the theme of "strictly observing discipline rules and strengthening style construction",Elaborate preparation,Hold thematic organizing meetings on time,The party members attending the meeting have combined the learning results since the discipline education learning publicity Month activity,Compare with the "diligent, strict, fine and clean" standard of new wind,Examine the problem carefully,Deep analysis of the reasons,Serious criticism and self-criticism,And put forward corrective measures to the existing problems,Promote the quality and efficiency of work with the style of clean wind and positive air。(陈卓)